Jabari Gray is an attorney, actor, musician and martial artist known for his professionalism, strong work ethic and passion for creativity. His work in television, film, print, music and live performance media can be seen and heard worldwide. Though a citizen of the United States, Jabari was born into a large, extended family of Caribbean immigrants and spent part of his childhood in Kingston, Jamaica. His love for music and art came at an early age listening to vinyl records and even meeting the late, great Bob Marley at his home on Old Hope Road. Ultimately, Jabari’s parents decided a permanent move to the United States was in the family’s best interest and relocated to New York where his father was an author and professor at Vassar College. When Jabari finished high school, he enrolled at Occidental College in Los Angeles. After receiving his undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Sociology, Jabari moved to New York City to study law at Fordham University. After graduating, he was admitted to the New York Bar and went on to specialize in corporate and entertainment law.  Soon after, with the help of a generous relative who introduced him to his first agent, Jabari realized his goal of being a bona fide entertainment professional. Please enjoy the site and share his past and present projects.

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